Jack The Giant Slayer – Review

tt1351685Jack The Giant Slayer – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaJames – 7/10

So, Bryan Singer of dubious fame, Superman Returns, X-Men, it’s a debate full of the Usual Suspects and therefore it is fitting that now, amongst the giddy haze of Singer/McQuarrie combos that delight or repulse the curious and engaged fans, we have a Fairytale Happy Meal, chock full, of giants!

Jack The Giant Slayer is a slice of cinematic wonderment.  The story unfolds a curious tale of ancient England besieged by a tribe of Giants from a distant realm, above the clouds. Read more of this post


Warm Bodies – Review

tt1588173 Warm Bodies – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaHenry – 2/10

Cashing in on the current zombie fad comes Warm Bodies, a supposed horror comedy adapted from Isaac Marion’s same titled novel. The setup is a standard zombie holocaust, humans walling themselves up in a city district, while the rest of America shambles about on the prowl for fresh brains. R (Nicholas Hoult) is one such walking corpse, aimlessly roaming an undead infested US airport, trying to recall a forgotten past while taking part in the occasional human hunt. Read more of this post