Oz the Great and Powerful – Review

tt1623205Oz the Great and Powerful – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaJames – 5/10


Sam Raimi is at it again, offering up another soulless visual spectacle, (Spider-Man 3 anyone?) in this the prequel to The Wizard of Oz. Oz The Great and Powerful stars James Franco as the magician trickster con man, Oscar “Oz” Diggs.  He’s on the run because he’s been sniffing around the angry strong man’s sexy assistant and during the process gets whirled away into a twister and teleported into the magical realm of Oz.  When he arrives, he finds a land in distress as an evil wicked witch named Evanora, Read more of this post


Ted – Review

Ted – Review

Review by FilmFellaDarren – 7.8/10

Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland show creator Seth MacFarlane has gotten more comedic mileage out of wise-cracking critter sidekicks than a room full of Disney and Dreamworks directors. His style of anthropomorphizing animals however, is a far cry from Disney, and considerably more wry than Dreamworks’ family friendly stuff. Instilling a quick, dry, distinctly adult wit into cutesy cartoon animals is a formula that MacFarlane pioneered in his aforementioned television comedy series’. It comes as no surprise then that MacFarlane’s long awaited first feature film revolves around yet another razor-sharp witted talking animal character. But, does Macfarlane’s formula work on the big-screen? Read more of this post