The Top 20 films of 2012

noflashThe Top 20 films of 2012

By FilmFellaDarren

At the start of every year I have a sense of trepidation about what the coming 365 days has install for cinema. I suspect, somewhat irrationally, that this will be the year that quality cinema starts to diminish. I worry that this will be the year the studios will only make films that cater for the multiplex target audience, that being 15 year old teenagers; Read more of this post


The Best and Worst Films of 2011

The Best and Worst Films of 2011

Written by FilmFellaJames

It’s a list, but its gotta be done.

The obligatory best and worst of 2011 is the kind of annual list making thing that a film geek relishes in and I am no exception.  I have my favourites and I have my stinkers.  Read more of this post

15 Bad films from 2011

15 Bad films from 2011

Written by FilmFellaDarren

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity; which is why the end of the year polls covering the worst films are rather counter-productive. The best way to deal with a bad film would be to not mention it – as really, no publicity is bad publicity. Going to contradict myself here as I am about to rant about the worst films I saw last year,  and deep into January too. Well, ripping a bad film apart is a good form of therapy if you love movies; you get a sort of wry satisfaction out of it, I suppose a bit like the wry satisfaction experienced by an angry disgruntled man hidden in a crowd shouting aggressive insults at players, to make himself feel powerful, at some sporting event. Err, not that I am likening myself to a disgruntled troll on a terrace, um, moving on.  Read more of this post

Golden Globes 2012 – Predictions

So, it’s almost time for the awards season to commence. And to kick it off is The Golden Globes. The Globes usually give a good inclination as to where the Baftas and Oscars will go. The Oscars though don’t give recognition to the efforts of new TV.

And there are some damn good shows out there right now.  Together with more controversy from Mr Gervais, who claimed he wouldn’t do it again, The Golden Globes are proving to be the most entertaining; as opposed to the other two, which for the most part want to make you shoot yourself in the face, they are so boring (see my other post on the Oscars). Read more of this post

25 memorable films from 2011

Films have such a short life-span in the public eye. One minute we see ubiquitous marketing campaigns alerting attention to future films, movie posters emblazoned on billboards and buses, trailers on the web and multiplexes then within a few months the hype machine is turned off, and films you listed as must see when they were out,  suddenly don’t seem so appealing.Thus the majority of films drop off the radar on their way to their eventual destination: the bargain bin in DVD shops and supermarkets. Read more of this post

A dozen great films from 2010

2010 review by FilmFella Darren

Another year in cinema is done and dusted and the Hollywood accountants have slavishly done the math and figured out what the highest grossing picture of the year was – mercifully this year it was the delightful Toy Story sequel.

Those Hollywood accountants will be beaming from ear to ear as this year, for the first time ever, not one but two films took over a billion in Box office revenues. Sadly, the second film after Toy story to break box office records was the crushing disappointment that was the Alice in Wonderland debacle. Read more of this post