Top 10 Classic James Bond Gadgets

So, Bond is back.  Good times are fast approaching as we all await Skyfall with giddy child-like anticipation.  I am a fan, as many reading this blog probably are, and I am psyched about it.  So to commence my contribution to the build up to Bond, after all we all love the hype, lets look at some tech. Read more of this post


Top Ten Best Movie Masks

So, ever wondered what the best movie masks are? Well, here’s my personal opinion of what makes a good mask.

Now, we’re not going down the usual superhero route because, really, superhero masks aren’t that special, unless of course, you’re including Clarke Kent’s whole persona, which is a psychological angle that I ain’t that special in the head to go down.

Anyway, as always, let me know what you think of the countdown and any that you agree with, don’t agree with or even ones that I’ve simply missed out. Muchos muchos, FilmFellaLozz Read more of this post

Top Twelve Vampire Movies

Being a long time fan of the humble vampire film, I’ve been itching to do a ‘best of’ vamp list for a while now. After noticing so many bizarre additions like Underworld, John Carpenter’s Vampires and 30 Days Of Night in other people’s lists, I figured it was time for my 2 cents worth.

So get Lugosi on the flatscreen, crank up some Deathspell Omega and check out the below. And as always, let me know what your favourites are!

‘The blood is the life!’

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Top Ten Arnie Films

With the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning a return to the film industry (after a somewhat dubious career as Governor of California), it seems fitting to do a quick a career re-cap of everyone’s favourite (last) action hero.

So flex your biceps, crack your knuckles and check out my top ten Arnie experiences:

10: Jingle All The Way (1996)

Directed by: Brian Levant

‘I’m not a pervert! I was just looking for a Turbo Man doll!’ – I guess a pretty good explanation is needed for this entry… Well I love it and that’s all you’re gonna get. Personally, I reckon this is a great Christmas kids film: funny, pacey and you get to see Arnie beat the crap out of Santa. Gets me in the Holiday spirit. Read more of this post

Top Ten Book To Film Adaptations

Following our latest podcast Storytelling Part 2 here is the promised list of our favourite book to film adaptations. If you think of any other outstanding examples, please comment and let us know!

And no, Harry Potter DOES NOT feature. It belongs tucked away in the ‘Weak Fantasy’ list.

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Top ten Christmas movies

We may not be the first to do this, but we think we’re the best.

FilmFella Lozz gives his unique take on the top ten Christmas movies.

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Top ten Heist films

Everyone likes a good heist.

Stealing from the rich to give to yourself is a prospect I would readily entertain, if not for:

a) the chance of getting shot;

b) the possibility I may have to blast some poor schmuck cashing in his paycheck;

c) the inevitable risk of capture (and the subsequent years of sodomy in an Oz-styled prison).

Thankfully, I have films to act out my gun-toting outlaw fantasies. Following the recent release of The Town on BluRay/DVD, I figured it’s time to don the ski mask, cock the AK and do a quick top ten of the best heist movies.

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Top ten zombie films

Judging by the current revitalisation of the walking corpse, no one can deny that the zombie mania is upon us again. Be it Danny Boyle’s lightening-fast enraged cadavers or Romero’s lumbering rotted hulks, these mythical creatures have consistently kept audiences coming back for more (brains).

So I figured it made sense to break out the corpse paint, slap on the blood and list my top ten favourite zombie films.

They’re coming for you Barbara…

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