25 Movie Title Translation Fails

“Translation is the art of failure” – Umberto Eco

And judging by international movie titles, the guy wasn’t wrong. With recent films like Limitless being marketed as Destiny Medicine Changes Human Brain in Thailand and Denmark rebranding Friends With Benefits as Fuck Friends, it seems that something as simple as a film title is still a translation minefield. Read more of this post


The Hits and Shits of… Bruce Willis

The Hits & Shits of… Bruce Willis

I grew up with Bruce Willis. You know, I didn’t actually grow up with him; he wasn’t my pal or neighbour or anything. Although, that would’ve been pretty darn cool. But, Bruce and Arnold formed the basis of my early years of movie watching. Back in the days when he had hair and said motherfucker a lot. Those were the days. An unlikely action hero, when considering his competition at the time; muscle-bound meatheads like Stallone. Read more of this post

Top 10 Movies with a Hammer in

Stop! It’s Hammer Time

Top 10 Movies with a Hammer in

A while ago, I compiled a list of movies that showcased the axe in all its wondrous chopping glory. But now, we’re done with cutting stuff up. How about we bash the shit out of some other stuff. Let’s knock one out then; you know, a countdown of the top 10 movies with a hammer in, of course. Okey dokey; here it is:

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The Hits and Shits of…Denzel Washington

The Hits and Shits of…Denzel Washington

Written by, produced by, directed by, wardrobe by, sound editing by, starring Denzel Washington. Ok, so he doesn’t do all of these things, but let’s face it, most of the time he just wanders onto set, usually not having gone into hair or make up, wearing his own Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants. The guy looks like he calls the shots. He comes, he spouts a few lines, probably his own, and then pisses off, to get a back rub or something. He has a commanding presence on screen; but I reckon he really is like that. Read more of this post

Top 10 Shit Items from the Movies

I don't want one.

A list of shit from the movies, I would not want, if I had the option to own it.

It’s part two of my stuff from movies blog, it’s crammed full of things I would hate to own if they were real and if they could be owned.  It’s a foil list to my top ten awesome things I would want from movies.  It’s the list that places itself on the shit heap of movie lists, a place that condemns certain items from the movies into a sorrowful pit of despair.   Read more of this post

The Hits and Shits of… Nicolas Cage

The Hits and Shits of… Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage can act. He has proven to be a very competent character actor in some great movies. However, much the same as Samuel L. Jackson, his choice of movie and character is all over the place. I dunno if he flicks a coin or does a bit of Eeny Meeny Miny Moe or whether he is simply a pay check whore. But surely, at this stage of his career, he doesn’t need the money. Together with the fact, he still occasionally appears in good movies. Read more of this post

An Education (Part 1)

I consider my knowledge of film relatively diverse. I don’t shy away from foreign movies or older films made before my time. I’ll watch stuff that’s usually aimed at women, like rom-coms too; most of which I hate, but that’s a different topic altogether. However, the topic of rom-coms has led me down this path. I watched this god awful piece of tripe called Something Borrowed recently (check my review out). It was quite possibly within the list of ‘movies that I’d rather have sporks sporked into my eyes than ever having the mis-fortune of watching them again list’. You know the one. Read more of this post

3D Films: Fad or Future?

Like it or not, 3D technology is set to be permanently ingrained into our cinema experience. Touted as the next big leap in visual presentation, the 3D industry has quickly expanded from cinema, to both television and gaming consoles, proving that the contentious format is likely to stay.

But before I look at whether 3D is a good or bad thing for cinema, it’s worth going back in time to see the technology’s roots… Read more of this post