The Death of Cinema?

The Death of Cinema?

This month, cinema threw a massive curve-ball right at my face.  It hit me in the face, gave me a bloody nose and then rolled on down the street.  Filmfella comrades, Lozz, Brown and Darren all shook their heads in dismay at my giddy child-like anticipation of what I believed would be the box office slam dunk for March – John Carter.  It didn’t do as well over here or in the States as I thought it would and this opened up a plethora of dissing and “I told you so’s” from my gang.
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10 films hitting the silver screen in March 2012

10 films hitting the silver screen in March 2012

Now the awards season is done and dusted, and all the glistening film accolades are sitting on the mantle-pieces of their deserving/underserving recipients – depending on your perspective – the cinema world will switch gears, and start looking forward to the herd of blockbusters that will stampede into multiplexes on the back of inescapable market campaigns in the coming months. The first of those will be released this month – more on John Carter later. Read more of this post

Films to look out for in March – (Podcast)

The Fellas this week delve into new movies coming out in March – with particular reference to ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘John Carter’ Read more of this post

The Oscar nominations 2012

The Oscar nominations 2012

Did the Academy get them right or wrong?

In an unprecedented move by the Academy, the Oscars nominations have been announced at 5:30 am in L.A. They were announced by Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Sherak, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and broadcast live all around the internet. Internet reaction to the list went viral minutes afterwards and will continue for some-time to come. Presumably, only the most dedicated film fans State-side will have set their alarm clocks to see the announcement, most people on the West coast will be sleeping whilst everyone in other time zones ponder the Oscar nominations hot off the press, forming their own opinion as to whether the Academy got it right or wrong.  Read more of this post

Golden Globes 2012 – Predictions

So, it’s almost time for the awards season to commence. And to kick it off is The Golden Globes. The Globes usually give a good inclination as to where the Baftas and Oscars will go. The Oscars though don’t give recognition to the efforts of new TV.

And there are some damn good shows out there right now.  Together with more controversy from Mr Gervais, who claimed he wouldn’t do it again, The Golden Globes are proving to be the most entertaining; as opposed to the other two, which for the most part want to make you shoot yourself in the face, they are so boring (see my other post on the Oscars). Read more of this post

Ten films unveiled at The Cannes film festival 2011

The Hollywood glitterati descended on the sun soaked French Riviera for the annual cinematic circus that is the Cannes film festival this month. Cannes biggest clown this year proved to be Lars Von Trier. He enjoys courting controversy to lift the profile of his minimalistic and downbeat films, but his ill-conceived comments – he suggested he was a Nazi sympathizer – spectacularly back-fired when he was removed from the festival, leaving Kirsten Dunst to answer questions about Von Trier’s new film Melancholia. Read more of this post

Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden globes and the (over)reaction

The Golden globes are usually just a quickly forgotten precursor to the Oscars, but this year thanks to the host Ricky Gervais’ refreshingly irreverent and spiky humour and the resulting controversy that the media have engineered, this year’s ceremony won’t be forgotten quickly by both the public and array of Hollywood A-list stars that Gervais playfully jibed at, including the illustrious likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr, and also the less illustrious likes of Tim Allen. Read more of this post

Goddamn the Oscars!

Every year I’m appalled by something or somebody the Oscar board deems worthy of the gold man. Surely the award should go to an actor for a particular role; a director for a specific film etc.

But no, we either see people win for longevity of service to the film industry. (Isn’t there a special award precisely for this purpose anyway?!) OR some average movie scooping the top award which baffles everybody who makes up the cinema-going public.


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