Oblivion – Review

MV5BMTQwMDY0MTA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzI3MDgxOQ@@._V1_SX214_Oblivion – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaDarren – 6.2/10

It’s the year 2077 – sixty years ago, Earth was rendered a barren apocalyptic wasteland after the destruction of the moon by an alien race caused catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis that destroyed human civilisations and ravaged our structures. Humanity had a war with the invading aliens – we won the war but lost the planet. Tom Cruise informs us of all these devastating consequences of the demise of the moon in the opening prelude. Read more of this post


This is 40 – Review

tt1758830This is 40 – Review

Film review by FilmFellaDarren – 6.7/10

This is not a rom-com. The humour is far too acerbic and bitter to be classed as such – any romance that the central couple had, must have deserted it many moons ago.  If they were to have been a rom-com couple then their time was decades ago – this is a couple with seemingly no distance left to run. Actually they’ve already featured in a rom-com – Read more of this post

Wreck-It Ralph – Review

tt1772341Wreck-It Ralph – Review

Review by FilmFellaDarren – 8.5/10

No film genre is in as healthy a state right now as animation. Fans of the genre are enjoying something of a golden age. Just look at the strength in the animation category at the Oscars for evidence of how many inventive animated features have been made in the last year. Disney were the original animated trailblazers, but their achievements of late have been surpassed by the likes of Pixar and DreamWorks. Recent Disney features like Tangled and The Princess and the Frog were beautifully made but they were not as progressive as Read more of this post

The Top 20 films of 2012

noflashThe Top 20 films of 2012

By FilmFellaDarren

At the start of every year I have a sense of trepidation about what the coming 365 days has install for cinema. I suspect, somewhat irrationally, that this will be the year that quality cinema starts to diminish. I worry that this will be the year the studios will only make films that cater for the multiplex target audience, that being 15 year old teenagers; Read more of this post

Oscars 2013… And the Nominations are…

Oscar-NominationOscars 2013… And the Nominations are….

Love or hate the Oscars, the announcement of the annual Academy Awards is still one of the biggest events in the calendar for everyone connected with the film industry, both on the inside and outside. Pouring scorn over the Academy’s annual glaring omissions has become something of online tradition for film critics and film fans.  Read more of this post

The Top 10 Dark Christmas Movies

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 23.08.27The Top Ten Dark Christmas Movies

Most people love to feel warm and fuzzy at Christmas and there are plenty of films out there that capture that heart-warming Christmas sentiment. But the chances are that if you’ve clicked on a blog suggesting dark Christmas movies, you are not quite in the mood for the kind of family friendly, saccharine sweet Yuletide films that are stuffed onto TV schedules this time of year. Read more of this post

Life of Pi – Review

tt0454876Life of Pi – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaDarren – 9.2/10

The journey that Yann Martel’s enthralling 2001 story has made from acclaimed book to magnificent motion picture has almost been as long and turbulent as the journey the protagonist undertakes in the film. It has taken nine years to bring to the screen and many directors have been attached to steer this ship, including M Night Shyamalan who left it to make The Lady in the Water; Alfonso Cureon who left to make the excellent Children of Men, and Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who also jumped ship.  Read more of this post

Seven Psychopaths – Review

tt1931533Seven Psychopaths – Review

Film Review by FilmFellaDarren – 7.4/10

Back in 2008, English director Martin McDonagh set himself up as a director to watch with his inventive and darkly comic crime thriller In Bruges.  Four years later, his sophomore effort comes in the shape of another wryly comic edition to the crime genre. Read more of this post