Safe Haven – Review

tt1702439Safe Haven – Review

Film review by FilmFellaLozz – 6.4/10

Occasionally, well rarely…hardly ever honestly, will I actually voluntarily to make a special trip to the cinema to see a ‘girls’ night out’ movie. Majorly because I’m a man. A man who likes his movies with substance; or something that has action and/or unnecessary nudity…I’m not fussy. Well…on this occasion I though I’d treat my lady, thinking I would probably hate every moment of this movie. However, I’m not too proud to say that this wasn’t awful. I’m not gonna rush out to watch it ever again; but it wasn’t that bad.

Lasse Hallström’s Safe Haven follows the story of Katie (Hough) who’s on the run and ends up in a sleepy little seaside town to recuperate. What she’s done, we don’t know. She then meets widower, Alex (Duhamel). He takes her fancy, so she decides to stick around for a bit, all the while, the authorities are hot on her trail.

Ok, well it doesn’t sound like the most original narrative, but Lasse (I just keep thinking of the dog) has made something that could’ve been dire and sickly; here though he’s orchestrated a love story that actually feels pretty authentic. He also doesn’t dwell entirely on this; he creates the mildest bit of tension with the ‘cop who won’t give up’ character who ummm…won’t give up. And then there’s the intrigue surrounding what she is actually running from. Remember, this is the guy who brought us Chocolat and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?. So, he can create nice stories, focusing on relationships one way or another.

The only people in the village with a full set of teeth

The only people in the village with a full set of teeth

Hough and Duhamel are ok actually. They appear to be the only beautiful people in the village, mind you, so in theory they always had to end up with one another. With that aside, they aren’t annoying, which so often is the case when considering romantic movies. Duhamel appears to be doing the same thing as Channing Tatum; keeping his toe in a bit of action (Transformers) and balancing it out with stuff like this. Hough does at times have a face that you’d like to punch though; I mean you wouldn’t punch him. He’s a big guy, gees!

There are of course elements of rubbish here, but you can’t make a movie like this without it being cheesy in places; it’s just a given. Furthermore, it appears that nobody can make an original movie. Safe Haven steals quite a lot from other stuff; identifiably the Julia Robert vehicle Sleeping with the Enemy’. It also tries a little too hard to incorporate genres that don’t fit in too well amongst the other themes. The biggest problem is that it’s far too predictable. You’re probably thinking ‘well what’s there too predict in this type of movie’, but in an effort to try and throw you off the scent, it makes any surprises much too obvious.

What it does get right is the feeling of small community, even if the lovers don’t look like they belong there. But then you’re not gonna want to watch the story of two ugly sons of bitches getting it on, are you?!

Is this a good movie? Not really. Is this a bad movie? No. Girls and young women though will like this; much the same as The Note Book or The Vow or something of that ilk. Guys, however, if you wanna get a few brownie points from your lady friends, while not having to endure some vomit inducing bunk, then this is a doable two hours for you.

Men, something else that may entertain you

Men, something else that may entertain you


One Response to Safe Haven – Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Overall, it’s just your typical, run of the mill romance that’s generic, predictable, boring and it left me with more of those “What the hell just happened?” moments. Good review.

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