Iron Sky – Review

Iron Sky – Review

Review by FilmFellaHenry – 6.1/10

While on an expedition to the moon, US astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) discovers a secret military base home to a horde of Nazis. Taken captive, Washington discovers their sinister plan to invade the earth with a fleet of flying saucers. Finding an ally in Nazi teacher Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), it’s up to them to warn the world of the oncoming threat and prevent the rise of the 4th Reich.

I took note of Iron Sky a while ago, due to its innovative and contributor friendly methods of funding and production (see podcast on Crowdsourcing). The promotional campaign for the film was particularly good, providing the usual teasers and trailers, as well as production diaries and ‘how to’ guides. It seemed to all indicate towards a wacky offbeat concept potentially packed full of humour, overblown action and absurdity.

Having just seen Iron Sky, I must admit a twinge of disappointment. Not so much at its total lack of believability (it is after all about Nazis living on the moon), but more with the way the idea has been handled. For a start they haven’t quite got the comedy right. Sure, it has its funny moments and at times made me chuckle, but these are far too few number and never outright hilarious. Half way through, I began to wonder if director Timo Vuorensola understood that Iron Sky would only work as a tongue in cheek B-Movie: with his regular fluctuation between absurd and seemingly serious scenes, inclusion of supposedly deep but ultimately bunk dialogue and weak political messages, Iron Sky has something of an identity crises.

The visuals don’t help much either. Rather than keep things intentionally low key and poor (as seen in the brilliant TV series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace) Vuorensola has attempted to match better funded contemporaries, sporting space wars, cities getting blitzkrieged and large CGI locations. Unfortunately, Iron Sky’s budget of €7.5 million is a constant limitation: be prepared for poorly hidden green screen usage, renders that lack polish and space battles that fail to prompt an adrenaline raise. Worse, much of the film’s screen time is spent in contemporary America rather than the far more interesting location of the Nazi moon base – a definite error.

As for acting… well, it’s got Udo Kier in it. Need I say more?

While not terrible and possessed of an undisputedly bizarre concept, Iron Sky lacks the directorial skill to pull it off. Distinctly more Sky Captain Of The World Of Tomorrow than Hobo With A Shotgun (at least in terms of approach), Iron Sky sadly falls into the bargain bin of mediocre sci-fi, unable to rise beyond an average B-movie, yet not humorous enough to be low budget pastiche. Give this one a miss.


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Film reviewer, script writer and occasional painter. Fan of Lumet, Aronofsky and Kubrick, with a good measure of early John Carpenter thrown in. Particularly like post-apocalyptic sci-fi, horror and fantasy film genres.

3 Responses to Iron Sky – Review

  1. Mark Walker says:

    Great review Henry. As I just commented on Filmfella Darren’s take on it, it’s interesting that you both view it slightly differently. It makes for a good all round opinion on it. I think I’ll have a look at this one. Cheers.

    • filmfellahenry says:

      I’ll be intrigued to see what you think! Also, I checked out your review of Headhunters, will definitely give it a go. Been wanting to see a good thriller for a while now

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