21 Jump Street – Review

21 Jump Street – Review

By FilmFellaLozz – 7/10

Following the theme of old T.V. shows given the once over, a few updates and a bit of a shimmy sham shine for adaptation, is 21 Jump Street. Originally airing on America’s Fox channel in the late 80’s/early 90’s and starring Johnny Depp, it ran for 4 seasons, but not before setting up the leading man for the big time. Twenty years later, we don’t have Johnny Depp, but we do have Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill ripping up the screen in a more potty-mouthed movie film version.

The two are cops tasked with infiltrating a drug ring in a local school, using their youthful appearance to blend in.  This seems to be one of few similarities to the T.V show. With the understanding that the target audience probably hasn’t ever seen the show, it absolutely works as a stand-alone film. After a brief opening providing back-stories, we’re back to school. Hill was the nerd with no friends and Tatum was the popular idiot jock. But they realise that school ain’t what it used to be, and so with a little bit of role reversal, the comedy ensues. And there are fair few laugh out loud moments.

Ice Cube is the captain running the operation from a derelict church (like in the T.V show). He informs them ‘you’re here because you some Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus lookin’ motherfuckers’. He pretty much steels the scene every time he’s on screen. But there’s a numerous amusing things going on; punching people in the face for no reason and showing the effects of this fancy new drug is really quite funny.

I haven’t seen much of this Channing Tatum guy, but you know what, for a guy with eyes that are too close together, he pulled off the comic turn. It’s good to see actors diversify and having seen him in this year’s The Vow, which I hate to say I didn’t despise, probably because of him; he’s ok in my book. Kinda reminds me of a less serious Ryan Gosling. Hill is Hill, not really doing anything new here, but still perfectly adequate spouting lines with great comic timing. And he’s gone n’ lost a shitload of weight too. But even with this in mind, I couldn’t buy him as the romantic lead. I get that it’s suppose to be role reversal, having the good looking guy be the outcast etc, but Hill still isn’t that aesthetically pleasing, but still gets the girl. Sorry Jonah.

The buddy buddy cop banter really works between these two; even though Channing looks about 10 years older than Hill. But they were fun to watch on screen. And that goes for the rest of the movie. It’s fun, yet it doesn’t cater to children. It’s a mainstream comedy aimed at adults; and we don’t get many of those these days, because the Hollywood bigwigs would rather cut out the shits and dicks in order to get asses on seats. The narrative is ok, but for the type of movie that this is, it’s more than adequate.

21 Jump Street does hit the funny bone more than I thought it would. Assuming that all the comedy moments were revealed in the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised that some surprises were kept as surprises, executing some humorous scenes that I didn’t see coming. You could do worse with your money than to go check this out. Korean Jesus says so!


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