How ‘Iron Sky’ has utilised crowdsourcing – (Podcast)

How ‘Iron Sky’ has utilised crowdsourcing

The FilmFellas discuss the crowdsourcing methods behind the production of upcoming film ‘Iron Sky’.


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5 Responses to How ‘Iron Sky’ has utilised crowdsourcing – (Podcast)

  1. Wreckie says:

    Check first 4 minutes of Iron Sky . I have seen Iron Sky and allthough it´s not perfect piece of cinema, I considered it to be entertaining movie.

  2. Wreckie says:

    Well director has said in few interviews that he had clear vision of how film should be and ideas were accepted only when they were alond to his vision of the film. And there has been no tasks for fans concerning the story itself. Tasks have been for example about spaceship designs, what trailer should include, shooting locations etc.

    • filmfellahenry says:

      Thanks for the comments Wreckie. Glad to hear Iron Sky is entertaining: I’m looking forward to seeing it. I love how open the creators have been with the whole process: this approach has so much potential and I imagine will open up a lot of opportunities for independent film makers.

  3. Wreckie says:

    Iron Sky spoilers in 1:45 and 2:40 with diretor and producer

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