Golden Globes 2012 – Predictions

So, it’s almost time for the awards season to commence. And to kick it off is The Golden Globes. The Globes usually give a good inclination as to where the Baftas and Oscars will go. The Oscars though don’t give recognition to the efforts of new TV.

And there are some damn good shows out there right now.  Together with more controversy from Mr Gervais, who claimed he wouldn’t do it again, The Golden Globes are proving to be the most entertaining; as opposed to the other two, which for the most part want to make you shoot yourself in the face, they are so boring (see my other post on the Oscars).

Anyway, below are my predictions (well some predictions and a few preferences) for this year’s ceremony, which is t0 be held on January 15th. Let me know what you’d put your money on this year or simply tell me if you think I’m talking a load of shit. Either way, it’d be good to hear your views.

Film (Drama) – The Descendants

All the arty sons of bitches love George Clooney, and you know, he did alright with Good Night and Good Luck. As this is a drama with incisions of humour, it could be a risk, when considering George’s go at comedy with O’ Brother…and Goats, but I’m still willing to stick my imaginary money on it.

Actress (Drama) – Meryl Streep (as Margaret Thatcher)

Fucking biopics. What can I say; an actress of standing playing a political figure of standing. She will be fantastic in it. The film will probably be shit.

Actor (Drama) – Leonardo Di Caprio (as J. Edgar. Hoover)

Biopics can kiss my ass. That said, Di Caprio is really proving to be one of the best actors of the time, and after his numerous collaborations with Scorcese, it’s about time he gets recognised.

Film (Comedy/Musical) – The Artist

Haven’t seen it yet, but it looks classy. A silent, black and white movie was a risky option to plough money into, but looking at the trailer, it appears to homage the time it represents perfectly, with some genius acting on show.

Actress (Comedy/Musical) – Michelle Williams (Marilyn Monroe)

I’m just going all out on the people playing people option. She looks like her. She sounds like her. That’s usually good enough.

Actor (Comedy/Musical) – Jean Dujardin (George Valentin)

Again, after seeing the trailer for this, this Jean guy looks fucking genius. He is able to express far more than most actors who have the luxury of dialogue in just his face. And he can dance. Always bet on a man Jean. Girl Jeans are never famous for anything.

Director – Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris)

Woody’s Midnight is a joyous whimsical watch filled with the usual commentary of social interaction. The ridiculous nature of the movie is somewhat forgotten about by a director that knew exactly what he wanted, and got it. Forget the absurd and just jump onboard and enjoy.

Best Animated Film – The Adventures of Tin Tin

Haven’t seen this, but out of the choices, this one looks the nicest. Yes, I’m basing this one solely upon aesthetics. Sue me.

Television (Drama) – Game of Thrones

This was a tough one actually, because American Horror Story was a fantastically well made drama, but Game of Thrones was just far more entertaining. The set design was phenomenal and some pedigree acting prevails. And of all, Peter Dinklage, one of the only Americans in Thrones, pulls off the accent and steals the show. If you haven’t already, watch this show.

Television (Comedy/Musical) – New Girl

I’ve only caught two episodes of this, but it looked pretty darn funny. And especially as Wilfred isn’t on the list, this one gets my thumbs up. Zooey Deschanel is that quirky one-off that we’ve come to enjoy watching in numerous movies. Well, she’s taken that persona and built a T.V show around it. And it works. Plus, Glee can’t win. Please.

Written by FilmFellaLozz


4 Responses to Golden Globes 2012 – Predictions

  1. My bad. It’s on Sunday the 15th January! Whoopsie.

  2. Curt says:

    As Drive, the best film of the year in my opinion, has been over looked in all categories, I hope that Ryan Gosling gains some recognition for Crazy, Stupid, Love. Also, let’s hope that George Clooney doesn’t once again get awarded for playing George Clooney.

    • Thanks for the comment Curt. Drive, also my favourite movie of 2011. And like you, this Gosling fella does need some recognition. But Di Caprio needs some first. He’s been consistently good for years. May J. Edgar’ll do it for him. Would prefer him to get it for a Scorcese role though. Stupid god damn Clint ‘Oscar Whore’ Eastwood!

  3. 6/10 ain’t bad.

    For the full list of winners, see here:

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