An Education (Part 1)

I consider my knowledge of film relatively diverse. I don’t shy away from foreign movies or older films made before my time. I’ll watch stuff that’s usually aimed at women, like rom-coms too; most of which I hate, but that’s a different topic altogether. However, the topic of rom-coms has led me down this path. I watched this god awful piece of tripe called Something Borrowed recently (check my review out). It was quite possibly within the list of ‘movies that I’d rather have sporks sporked into my eyes than ever having the mis-fortune of watching them again list’. You know the one.

Anyway, as I was writing a review for said, rubbish bastard movie, I over heard a discussion about how wonderful it was. This was something I just couldn’t let go; and so I jumped in and voiced my opinion. Granted, my opinion was nor welcomed or agreed with. I suggested that this movie was not a rom-com, and offered up a few movies that I considered rommy and commy; these were Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Amelie. Movies that would educate and change the mind of, (let’s call her) Bunny. These movies were graciously taken and watched.

What I didn’t consider is that I had just entered into to a ‘book club’ thing, whereby I would have to watch stuff given to me too. Bad times. But how could I possibly say that I knew what I was talking about without giving these movies, I would never ever watch in a million years, a go? And a go I’ve given them….for my art, ya know; so, I can write a piece on them. But have I been educated?

I will continue to watch this stuff, seeing if I’ve overlooked some masterpiece and as such, be educated or whether it’s given reason to the fact I’ve 1. Not heard of it, 2. Not thought it’d be my thing or 3. Avoided it like the plague. The following are my thoughts on…..

…..Highschool Musical (2006)

Well well well. Never did I think that I would watch such a thing. But I did, and it wasn’t the absolute piece of toss that I thought it was gonna be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rushing out to watch the sequels or buy a cardboard cut-out of Zac Effron or anything, but for a particular market, the movie does its job. It’s a Disney made movie, and as such, it’s got a moral obligation – teaching kids to be who they want to be, no matter what obstacles blah blah blah. Mash this up with singing and dancing and you have one massive sickly sugary hour and a half. Zac is the basketball player jock type, who has a chance meeting with some chick on their Christmas vacation; pushed into singing together, he realises that he can actually sing. School kicks off again and surprise surprise, chick starts at the school – they hit it off, and become the school musical leads; both their sets of friends wonder why they are participating in such rubbish. Hence, the whole do what makes you happy life lesson, resulting in more blah blah blah. I’m not Highschool Musical’s demographic by a long shot, but I sat through it and didn’t want to burn it afterwards, so I guess that’s a positive.

…..Love Story (1970). There will be spoilers in this overview. Be warned.

So, I’ve seen the DVD cover of this so-called classic before, and honestly it looked like lovey-dovey nonsense – a guy embracing a girl with massive eyebrows from behind, as he looks into the distance, while she stares vacantly at me and you. Anyway, guy meets ridiculously large spectacled girl in Harvard university library – she dick-teases him for a while before they start a relationship. Problem: he’s a rich son-of-a-bitch and his father doesn’t approve. They rebel, saying goodbye to money and go get hitched. Ah ha, but he wants to be a lawyer and continues to study, and she has to sacrifice her dreams of being a musician, drops out and gets a job. Sucks for her. Plus, what a bastard he is for pretty much making her do it! Furthermore, as soon as us, the audience gets invested in this sickening relationship, it turns out she’s ill and fucking dies! What the fuck?! Oh and the score; that constant harpsichord riff over and over and over and over; it made me wish I had no ears. I also feel it necessary to comment on the tagline – ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ – Bullshit – Love means having to say you’re sorry all the time, even when you don’t really mean it, to resolve an argument or something, even when you know you’re right! To some up; this movie. Sucks. Balls. Classic, my ass!

Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you thought of these movies. My thoughts on White Christmas and Jack coming soon……..
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