The Inbetweeners Movie – Review

The Inbetweeners Movie – Review

Review by FilmFellaHenry – 8/10

Following on from the successful British TV comedy series, The Inbetweeners Movie has four socially retarded teenagers taking a summer vacation to Crete, hoping for a boozed-up, sex-filled romp. Instead, they discover hotels likened to an Afghan warzone trench, vindictive club reps bent on their humiliation and a crazy nightlife more akin to a human zoo. Nevertheless, the boys try to make the most of it, even if that does mean indulging in a binge of self-deprecation that most sane people would abhor.

The Inbetweeners Movie is crude, lewd, puerile fare, stuffed full of toilet humour, cringe-worthy moments and endless talk of ‘clunge’. But for all that, I found it bloody funny.

This is standard, ‘lowest denominator’ stuff, aimed at grossing people out with base comedy against a generic narrative that serves only as a backdrop to the jokes. Films like Kevin And Perry Go Large and Ali G Indahouse flow down a similar vein, though The Inbetweeners Movie somehow manages to easily surpass them. This is partly to do with the high quality of the jokes themselves (which the aforesaid films were generally lacking), the comedic frequency (a good laugh at least every ten minutes minimum) and the clever construction of the characters themselves.

Despite an almost masochistic impulse for self humiliation and a pathetic quality usually reserved for pets about to be put down, I believe most people can, in some way relate to the characters. They represent the awkward, hormone-buzzed teen angst period that most guys have endured growing up and that frantic quest to pop your cherry. We’ve all had some pretty embarrassing moments in school (unless you were the school bully, in which case you were probably the source of said embarrassment), so while the characters’ actions are downright hilarious, their motives are understandable and do inspire a degree of sympathy.

For those who are a fan of the series, the film doesn’t quite have the tight punchiness of a 20 min episode, with a longer wait between jokes and an occasional over-reliance on toilet humour. However, all the elements that made the show so good are present, along with some fantastic memorable moments (in particular, the T-shirt Will is made to wear). For those unaccustomed to the show, think of a British version of The Hangover but with more jokes, better writing and characters that are actually funny, and you should be in the right area.

Worth watching if not easily offended.


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