Horrible Bosses (REVIEW)

Horrible Bosses – REVIEW

By Laurence Manley – 7/10

Appearing to be a bit of a trend at the moment, in cinema, we find this, another 30-something guy comedy about pals doing stupid stuff and getting themselves into shit. We’ve had The Hangover II and Hall Pass already this year. And what we find is that it’s not the plot, it’s the writing and delivery of comedic dialogue and the interaction between characters that wins over the audience; plus, of course, always including nice little cameo scene stealers.

Nick, Dale and Kurt are every day guys. They like their jobs; sales exec, dental assistant and chemical company paper-pusher, respectively. Problem: they have horrible bosses. Kevin Spacey is the manipulative nit-picking bastard. Jennifer Anniston is the sex obsessed dentist. And a barely recognisable Colin Farrell is the coke snorting, womanising loser who’s inherited the business. The mates hate their bosses so much, that after joking about killing them, over a few drinks; they come to the conclusion that their lives are not gonna get any better unless they actually execute their ludicrous plan. Enter Jamie Foxx as Motherfucker Jones, the murder consultant.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis (the guys) have a good chemistry on screen and they bounce off each other well. Day, coming from the TV show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ adds an extra bit of crazy to proceedings. He’s the one who’s being sexually harassed/assaulted by the really quite hot Jennifer Anniston. What’s funny is that he’s pretty much scared of her, and refuses to give in to her advances, even when she calls him into her office for a meeting wearing only pants and an open lab coat. Sudeikis is as amusing as he was in Hall Pass, which was actually quite funny. He reminds me of Vince Vaughan; funny, but lacking any kind of diversity. It’s Bateman that disappointed though – he just seemed a bit vacant, like he didn’t really wanna be there. However, him and Day have a rather humorous discussion about who would be raped the most in jail.

Even though the ‘bro’ banter was, at times, funny, it over-shadowed the actions of the bosses. Colin Farrell was hardly in it, incorporating only one really funny joke (which is in the trailer!) about ‘trimming the fat’ and then going on to say he wants all the fat people fired. But he does sport an awe inspiring comb-over. Spacey and Anniston excelled here though. Spacey (the company president) is an absolute bastard, conning Nick into having almost a whole glass of whiskey at 8am and then taking the promotion for vice-president himself! Anniston surprised me with her potty mouth, and it’s pretty darn potty, claiming at one point that she broke a nail doing herself too hard. She probably has the best lines in the movie, but her and the other bosses’ scenes are too few.

Another strangely comical turn comes in the form of starkly serious Welshman Ioan Gruffudd who is only known as The Wetwork Man. They hire him thinking he’s a hitman, only to find that his skills are concerning something very different.

Horrible Bosses is not wonderful, but works as a no-layered comedy, which is on and off funny. More screen time should’ve been given to the bosses, which are the highlight. Sudeikis and Day, though, and credit to them, pull the majority of the movie through and I laughed out loud several times, and that isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, because usually I’m a miserable bastard.


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