Top Ten Best Movie Masks

So, ever wondered what the best movie masks are? Well, here’s my personal opinion of what makes a good mask.

Now, we’re not going down the usual superhero route because, really, superhero masks aren’t that special, unless of course, you’re including Clarke Kent’s whole persona, which is a psychological angle that I ain’t that special in the head to go down.

Anyway, as always, let me know what you think of the countdown and any that you agree with, don’t agree with or even ones that I’ve simply missed out. Muchos muchos, FilmFellaLozz

10. Jason Voorhees

So to kick off our countdown of the best movie masks is Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask from the Friday the 13th movies. Some people might think that it’s a bit odd to be at the bottom of the list, but at the end of the day it’s just a hockey mask. The only thing that makes it work for a serial killer character is his fucked up eyes, his wispy hair, his awesome stature and that big bastard of a machete.

9. Predator

At the number 9 spot is the Predator mask. I always found it more scary than when his ugly mug is finally revealed at the end of the movie; which incidentally looks like a vagina with teeth. It’s a simple design, but an effective one. He just looks like a sleek killing machine with dreadlocks, which is pretty damn cool in my book.

8. Frank

The premonition rabbit from Donnie Darko is a pretty messed up mask. He kinda looks happy but also there’s a fair amount of deranged in there too. It’s awesome though that Richard Kelly took something so un-scary (like a bunny wabbit) and made it creepy as Hell. I’d probably do what he told me to as well, like burn a paedo’s house down or flood my school.

7. Preest

The highlight, for me, in the pretty shit movie, that is, Franklyn is the mask that Preest dons to fight crime. Part baseball glove with laces n’ all, part emotionless visage; no nose, no mouth, but deep cavernous eye sockets. It’s weird, but fits in with this wonderfully bleak setting. It’s Ryan Philippe under there believe it or not; and he ain’t half bad in it.

6. Tomas

How freaky is that? And that’s a kid in there. What’s worse than a spooky ass mask? Well, a kid in a super disturbing mask, that’s what. I think it’s like a table cloth with a button sewn to it. Really, that’s it. But when you have this kid wandering around on creaky floorboards in a big old house, just making weird noises, then that’s kinda unsettling. Oh, this is from 2007’s Spanish movie, The Orphanage.

5. V

Meet V, he’s our protagonist/antagonist in 2006’s V for Vendetta. We never see V’s face, much like the rest of this bunch, but it is that smug Guy Fawkes smile, together with V’s eloquent dialogue, that makes his stationary face so intriguing. It is V’s face that makes you side with his dubious morals and urge him on as he causes chaos and blows shit up; all the way you’re cheering him on.

4. Ghostface

By far the most popular mask for merchendising purposes is Scream’s Ghostface. In all of the Scream movies, the face underneath was less threatening than the mask. In some respects, I would’ve preferred not to have seen the true identities. The mask, however is really quite creepy and an original take on the representation of the ghost – it lacks any kind of expression, except for those saddened eyes. An unpleasant face indeed.

3. Michael Myers

So we first saw this face in John Carpenter’s 1978 original stalk and slasher flick, Halloween. It’s a curious face, because it’s a human face, but it’s not Michael’s face, but it might as well be, as he’s always got this damn thing on. The lack of emotion in the face is really very intimidating; of course emphasized by the fact that he’s going to kill you. Here’s a little bit of trivia for ya: The mask is molded from William Shatner’s face and then turned inside out. Shatner is one scary bastard, eh?!

2. Leatherface

Look at this handsome chap. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s fucked up retarded chainsaw wielding maniac in his prime. The character is based on the real life gent, Ed Gein, who killed his victims, ate most of them and then wore their faces on top of his. Nice. The mask though, other than being made of skin, is pretty nasty. Surely it’s the last thing you’d wanna see before you died. I mean, it isn’t the last thing you’d wanna see. Shit, you know what I mean. Leatherface you have a messed up mug, but you’ve been pipped at the post by……

1. Rorschach

So the top movie mask in the movie masks countdown, which ironically is at the bottom, is (Watchmen’s) Rorschach’s moving inkblot face, based upon the ambiguous images by the scientist of the same name. A genius design that strangely enough doesn’t ever really look like a face. Rorschach’s alter-ego Walter worked in a dress shop; it was here he acquired the fabric that he later wore as Rorschach. The fabric, a material created by Dr. Manhattan contained heat-sensitive liquids between layers of latex that created a black-on-white shifting colour. Of course, you idiot. Anyway, science aside, the face is frickin’ cool, and became Rorschach’s ‘true face’. A worthy winner of this, The Movie Mask Countdown.

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5 Responses to Top Ten Best Movie Masks

  1. George says:

    Nice list and like your reasons for the different fake faces’ places on it.

    Isn’t Rorschach sort of a superhero, though? 😉

    Must say, another great movie mask I recently discovered was that worn by the protagonist in the fine 2007 Spanish thriller Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes). I won’t spoilt it (for those who haven’t seen the flick), because it’s use plays an important part in the film’s clever twisty-turny plot, but it’s not that it’s impressive in itself, it’s how it comes to be worn that’s the cool thing.

    Anyhoo, nice post… 🙂

  2. Nice post man, good call with the bunny mask from Donnie Darko.

    Personally, I also rate the mask the killer wears in Small Town Massacre (aka: Strange Behavior), it just looks really creepy. There’s also the evil knight’s bone mask in Willow and of course the iconic face-plate of Darth Vader. Plus I love the Nixon mask in Point Break: although simplistic, it cracks me up that the visage of a notorious crook is used to rob banks.

  3. MsKyle says:

    Nice list. My faves would have to be Ghostface and Mike Myers. Emotionless and deadly. These 2 are lacking any humanity and that has to be the scariest thing ever. I dont know if this qualifies but the little masks things with the Pinocchio nose worn in clockwork orange is actually quite scary…at least to me.

  4. Hey George, thanks for the comments. I’ll definitely check out Timecrimes.

    Ah Rorschach; I knew it would cause controversy. Couldn’t he be seen as more of a vigilante then a superhero? Ok based on a graphic novel, sure, but I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

  5. Henry, you know what, I so nearly put Point Break in there. Because I kinda like the Reagan mask too.

    Vader shmader!

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