It put a smile on my heartlight. PART TWO

I started…so I’ll finish.

4.          Roland “I intend to destroy the world” Emmerich.

People who make cool films like Roland Emmerich does, never get the praise they deserve, and this is often because critics with their heads up their asses, fail to see the point in just settling down and enjoying something hugely entertaining and visual because they, more often than not are searching for something more. These film fascists demand a tidy script and rounded characters, they look for subtext and relevance and things of this sort and they dabble and dally in the fringe boundaries of cool, chatting and chittering about what’s to be done with the likes of Roland Emmerich. People who don’t like Roland Emmerich types are usually seen huddled near an elitist Neverland where a highly convoluted sense of meaning is something that needs to be delivered in an almost uptight, specialised, stylised and arty farty mise en scène in order for the film to just get their attention.

However, for my money Emmerich type films are not only accessible to cultures universally because of the simple, shit will freeze, blow up or come from space, message but it often looks superb. On this point if it doesn’t look that great as often as I reckon, so sayeth Emmerich, haters Brown and Tabor of this quaint FilmFellas website, at least they are leading the charge in the technological experimentation business. Call it technological pioneering if you will. In this way I feel stuff like Emmerichs’ films, can often lend what they learned or acquired as a result the processes under which they were created. So, in looking toward the future, better films, wherein the digital wizards would have perfected what they have created by working on Emmerichs’ films or Emmerich type films previously, often deliver technological knockouts of a higher calibre and in the case of James Cameron, create technological masterpieces in the process thereafter. This makes me smile. So did some of these Roland Emmerich Films…

  • Stargate.
  • Universal Soldier.
  • The Patriot.
  • Independence Day
  • The Day After Tomorrow

It will be very interesting to see what happens with his latest film, Anonymous.


3.          Buddy Cop Movies.

Lethal Weapon, Cop Out, 48 Hours, The Naked Gun stuff, The Other Guys, you get what I mean? Call it formulaic? I call it hilarious and I bet many like me would too.


2.          Nearing the end.

So one left to go, I struggled with which one of these would be the biggest thing for me that makes me love films…However, it made sense to put this one in as number 2.

Alfred Hitchcock. His movies, all of them are great from start to finish and what’s more I think it’s because he was a master craftsman in terms of storytelling. It’s the build up and it’s when it gets near the end that you start to really appreciate how it got there and revel in how it might end. Genius. These are a selection of my personal favourites, all of them great topics for debate.

1972 Frenzy

1969 Topaz

1966 Torn Curtain

1964 Marnie

1963 The Birds

1955-1961 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV series)

1960 Psycho

1959 North by Northwest

1958 Vertigo

1956 The Wrong Man

1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much

1955 To Catch a Thief

1954 Rear Window – My second favourite.

1954 Dial M for Murder

1951 Strangers on a Train – My personal absolute favourite.

1948 Rope – My third favourite.

1942 Saboteur

1941 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

1938 The Lady Vanishes

1936 Sabotage

1935 The 39 Steps

1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much


1.          The films I consider to be life experiences.

To end my list of things that make me love film I would have to say that for a multitude of reasons, films such as the final list in this blog transcend the film experience for me. We all have a list of films that we were amazed by and delighted to watch. To keep it simple, here is the list of films I think, stand apart as works of art and cultural checkpoints that will survive the tests of time and endure just by their being made, the batteries in my heartlight. Blessed are the filmmakers, for they have inherited the earth…In no particular order, Life Experiences.

  • The Lord of The Rings – All Three.
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Predator
  • Aliens
  • Gladiator
  • Raging Bull
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey.

These are some of my favourites, there are others.

FilmFella James.


Here’s my top ten things I hate about films.

10. Twilight (All three of the current pieces of shit, dog vomit, and all of the future offerings of absolute shit, kak, dog vomit, sweaty arse hair that are connected to these pieces of shit, toss bag, festering puke nuggets.)

9. Twilight again.

8. Twilight.

7. Twilight again.

6. Twilight – Yes still just this.

5. Twilight – Pure snot remember.

4. Twilight.

3. The movie, Don’t Look Now, I fuckin hate this film.

2. Twilight – I hate Twilight more.

The winner is……….

1. Twilight – Fuck. That. Shit.

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7 Responses to It put a smile on my heartlight. PART TWO

  1. Well Jim, if wanting more out of a film than Roland Emmerich has to offer makes me a ‘film fascist’, then I will happily goose step down the auditorium with Salo: 120 Days of Sodom playing in the background. Surely expecting a ‘tidy script and rounded characters’ is the the minimum criteria of a film that warrants my time?

  2. I love your top 10 things you hate about films. Laughed my ass off.

    Roland Emmerich, I’m not so sure. With the exception of Universal Soldier, which is awesome, I think the others are pretty rubbish. Ok, Independance Day is ok too. 2012 was a big pile of ass dribble, so I’m glad you didn’t include it in your list.

    Buddy anything movies are great if they get the connection of the two main characters (and actors) right. For instance, The Rundown (Welcome to the Jungle) is a great buddy movie, simply because The Rock and Seann William Scott bounce off each other with awesome comic timing. I want them to make a sequel.

    The ‘movie’ life experiences that you speak of, for me, are the ones where I come out of the cinema and I think ‘damn, that movie was great’ and my heart beats like a million miles an hour. For me, these are: Watchmen and Fight Club.

    P.S. I love ‘Don’t Look Now’. Not really; it’s bunk. Emphasised by the fact that a midget stabs Donald Sutherland in the neck, when he’s quite blatantly 1.5 inches off being technically classed a giant. Funny.

  3. Ms Kyle says:

    Ok…i love buddy cop movies as much as the next person but you have to admit The Other Guys had some type of identity crisis issue going on. Lethal Weapon worked because of the chemistry between Glover and Gibson…throw Pesci in the mix and you have comedy gold. Never really cared for the Naked gun stuff. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it to the critics because i love all those Emmerich movies.
    Twilight made me hate Vamps.

  4. Ms Kyle.

    Thanks for the comments. I agree with The Other Guys being somewhat difficult, but the dynamic works well, like Dragnet or Showtime, one character or both being unwilling the other over-zealous. The Naked Gun stuff, well, its zany, its unrelenting and I love it when they flog a gag to death, Like Frank driving his car into stuff cause he brakes way too late. It all makes me laugh.

    Keep pushing the love for Emmerich, and in keeping with your sentiments, fuck Brown, one such hater. Brown we love stuff exploding, or freezing or crumbling. Emmerich does this with style every time he makes a picture.

    Fuck Twilight.

    Much Love and thanks for the comments, keep them comin!!!

    FilmFella Jim.

    • filmfellahenry says:

      You’re right about the Naked Gun series: I love those films. And you’re right about Twilight too: a multiplying turd in the cesspit of bad teen cinema.

      Still hate Emmerich though

  5. Focuspullr says:

    Much as I love films that have a good script, art direction, well rounded characters, good acting and good direction – I also, on occasion, like the sort of tripe that Emmerich and Cameron et al produce.
    I had a good laugh at your lists and even agree with some of your choices, but I have to call you on your hate for Don’t Look Now.
    You’re missing, in my opinion, one of the all time great films, which gets better with repeated viewings you sad sack. Sort it out.

    Like the blog btw!

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