The Trilogy Meter – Infographic

If there is one thing that I love in equal amounts to film, it’s infographics.  These things ROCK!

However, what if you were to merge film with infographics…that would be a combination worth shouting about.  I stumbled across a brilliant set of film related infographics this morning and couldn’t help but share.

One that particularly caught my eye was the ‘Trilogy Meter’.  Everyone has strong opinions on if the first, second or third installment of a movie set was best (or worst).

Here’s the thoughts of Dan Meth below.  Do you agree with his rankings?  Let us know.


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3 Responses to The Trilogy Meter – Infographic

  1. When it comes to sequels, it is generally acknowledged that the first film is usually the best, with quality gradually diminishing as the franchise rolls on (Hellraiser series anyone?). I think the above infographic for the most part reflects this, with the obvious exceptions included (Empire Strikes Back, Godfather Part 2, and LOTR, I assume the latter has been judged as one film).

    Though I was a little surprised at Mad Max 2 ranking significantly higher than Mad Max 1; I love both of them, but I figured the difference would be marginal. Also surprised that Aliens scored better than the first and Last Crusade was considered better than both Temple of Doom and Raiders of The Lost Ark.

    However, all in all, a reasonably accurate list I think.

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