Which movie character are you most like?

I am Jack’s total lack of motivation.

Don’t read too much into this but I’m probably most like Tyler Durden from Fight Club; not the Brad Pitt Tyler, the Ed Norton Tyler, Narrator, whatever. Work sucks; corporate bullshit. Cornflower blue ties aplenty.

You know, I’d like to think I have it in me to blow stuff up for my own personal greater good, but I would naturally have to create an alter-ego to achieve this, of course. A better one. One with balls… and chiselled abs.

But I am not a beautiful snowflake. I am Cornelius and my power animal would probably be a goat or something; pointless except for the cheese. I’d like to breathe smoke. And paint smiley faces on buildings. And look cool as fuck in a red leather jacket and wear big-ass sunglasses at night.

But I guess I’ll have to blow up my house to kick-start the anarchy. Or pick a fight with a complete stranger. I’m not that nuts….yet.Will I ever find me and convince me not to be me anymore? Now, do I give you the ass or the crotch? 🙂

So, which movie character are you most like?

Comment below, with some kind of explanation, just for fun, ya know.
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9 Responses to Which movie character are you most like?

  1. Josh Dunne says:

    This isn’t a film or anything, but I feel I strongly relate to Dexter from the Showtime series, Dexter. Not that i’m a serial killer or anything, it’s just that I also find it hard to communicate with the world, and don’t fully understand why people act the way they do.
    I also relate well to The Narrator from Fight Club too. Just saying.

    • Hey Josh, I can completely understand where you’re coming from. Dexter is a great character; he’s a serial killer, but only kills bad people. So does that make him bad and do we agree with what he’s doing? And if so, what does that say about us? There’s a massive moral issue, which is the reason the show (and character) is so intriguing. He’s very easy to empathise with. And who hasn’t ever thought about doing bad to make good?! He’s like an extreme superhero.

      So, have you seen season 5 yet?

      • Josh Dunne says:

        No, I haven’t got round to it yet. I have the previous 4 on DVD (and Blu Ray) but still haven’t finished the fourth season yet. Is it good? I heard it was the best one yet.

  2. I’d probably be a version of The Dude (Big Lebowski) mashed with Logan (Logan’s Run): Incredibly laid back (to the point of narcolepsy) with a penchant for White Russians, while possessing a survival instinct that overrides any morality, ethics or common decency I may possess.

    Basically, when the ship goes down, you can bet your last dollar that I’ll be using you as a life raft.

    “You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old!”

    • Henry Henry Henry, You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head with that one. When push comes to shove, you’d definitely be the one pusing and shoving, and cutting someone’s leg off to eat if you had to. However, I’m not so sure about your 10-pin bowling skills!!!

  3. Josh, Season 4 is the best by far. John Lithgow is fantastic in it. Season 5 is good but not quite as good.

  4. I would have to say I feel I am most like Dr. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters. However others would argue differently…those who know me, comments please below… I would say that I see life as some kind of dodge, I’m unconvinced about monsters in the fridge and I love playing the piano delicately. I relate to his laid back confident attitude I guess, and if your gonna try embody the characteristics of anyone if your me, then Bill Murray is the man. I am also very fond of Nacho Libre, he really embodies the more childish element of my being and I would argue there is always space in my character for a small slice of Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men since we are adding tv into the mix. I would relish the opportunity to be like him in my old age. Hero. Both Charlie Harper and Charlie Sheen. Class act I reckon.


  5. RSS The Fairy says:

    Guys love the site. If I really thought long and hard about it I’d have to say there are two movie characters I am most like. The first one would be Pocahontas from the animated Disney movie Pocahontas. Mainly because I’m a loner who can talk to trees and have had many many encounters with settlers from afar.

    The second character I am most like is Amon Göth, Ralph Fiennes’ character from the movie Schindler’s List. Now I don’t commit war crimes or have any connection to horrible acts carried out, and I do generally love everybody, unlike him, but I can wear the hell out of trousers with braces and no shirt.

  6. bob says:

    I am most like hannibal lectar. Its not that i am a cannibal its just that i see the world the way he does and personality wise we are very similar

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