Top five movies with an axe in

No film would be complete without a good scene or two dedicated to the humble axe.

Here, FilmFella Lozz gives his list of memorable axe movie cameos.

1. The Shining

‘Here’s Johnny’. This is probably one of the most iconic scenes in horror movie history; Jack Nicholson hacking into a door with an axe, shoving his face through the hole and spouting those famous words. Genius film making by the late great Stanley Kubrik. I always hated Shelley Duvall’s face in this scene; couldn’t tell you why really. I just think her mouth is unnaturally large and she has a stupid weak wristed knife clutch. Anyway, this, The Shining is my top movie with an axe in.

2. American Psycho

Patrick Bateman here in the adaptation of Brett Eaton Ellis’ American Psycho. This movie was probably the first thing I saw Christian Bale in; and I still think that this could be Bale’s best performance as a crazy crazy nutter serial killer. The screenshot above shows Patrick donned up in his plastic coat, ready to chop some unfortunate’s body up. I like how Patrick stares at the axe as if it were part of him; scary. This axe gets top marks for shininess.

3. Lord of the Rings

Ah Gimley; the loveable ginger bearded dwarf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s got an awesome axe that he regularly swings around to beat the crap out of the Ork folk. Those ugly bastards. This is by far the most impressive looking axe on the list, but it still ain’t as strong as that pesky gold ring, which is apparently quite important.

4. Last of the Mohicans/Brotherhood of the Wolf

Daniel Day Lewis above running away from those blurry characters in the background and Mark Dacascos looking mean. What you can see in their right hands is a Tomahawk, a Native American axe, popularly used by the Iroquois Indian. (Although, a Gunstock War Club, was also typically used by these warriors. It’s not strictly an axe, but it sure as hell looks like one and I like the name.) I wonder who would win out of Daniel and Mark. I’m thinking Mark would psych Daniel out with his nakedness, and his meatier, cooler looking axe. Both awesome movies by the way.

5. So I married an Axe Murderer

I had to put this in. I actually don’t think it’s a particularly good movie, but an axe predominately features. I know that people out there are gonna say, you should’ve said this movie or that movie, but whatever. I mean, check out how white Mike Myers’ teeth are in this picture. And really, would you ever believe that the chick could actually wield that axe?! I’m not so sure. If you haven’t seen this, don’t bother; just check out Wayne’s World and Austin Powers.

Honourable mentions go to:

Hatchet – A shitty horror movie of a few years ago. A crazy dead ugly dude chops people up. That’s it.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – When Christian Slater is about to get his head lopped off by the executioner, good ol’ Rob fires an arrow into him. Nice.

If you can think of any more movies where an axe appears, predominately throughout or a one off scene stealer, then let the filmfellas know yo.

List written and compiled by @filmfellalozz

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